Mindful Mornings is a monthly interactive speaker series for

do-gooders who want to create

a more well world.

Thank you for joining this like-missioned crew.

For one hour on the first Friday of every month Mindful Mornings Chapter Founders across the country connect the people with the heart and soul to change the world, with the content and community they need to make it happen.

What to Expect

On the same Friday in cities throughout the country, Mindful Mornings is kicked off with coffee, likely some kombucha, a light breakfast and an opportunity to connect with a community of like-missioned hearts and minds.


The crew of do-gooders are then inspired and moved by a compelling keynote from a change-maker with a story and message that needs to be shared.


After the keynote, Q&A, and much applause, the room of do-gooders are invited to introduce themselves to others who can help them on their important journey, and to bask in the positive energy provided by a packed room of kind human beings. 

Meet our Sponsors

Meet our incredibly kind, talented, and highly intelligent sponsors.

Meet the Founder

Becky Crump


Becky is a community engagement, content, and programming consultant. She's also a graduate student earning her masters degree in integrative nutrition, and a mom of a blended family of five daughters. But more than the titles, Becky is laser focused on working within her community to make meaningful, lasting, transformative change in the lives of the underserved, the underprivileged, and the undernourished.

"Being a do-gooder means being open, courageous, compassionate, and kind. You have to be open to hear and feel where the universe wants and needs you. You have to have courage to walk confidently in that direction, regardless of naysayers, fear, and inhibitions. You have to be compassion (truly living it) so your courage can be motivated and moved by more than fleeting selfish pursuits. And you need to be kind; life is trying for all of us in our own unique ways, and compassion coupled with kindness is the one collective constant that can make our world a better place."

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