Become a Chapter Founder

And change the world in 15 hours.

 What began in Richmond, Virginia in response to a community clamoring for a forum to convene, collaborate, learn, and share is quickly expanding into other cities who need some of the same.


You believe that in order to make the world a better place we have to work together, collaborating with like-missioned others. We believe that too.


Chapter Founders consider it their mission to create the space for that collaboration and curate the content that will inspire the moments of insight that help do-gooders more efficiently and effectively achieve their world-changing goals. ​That's why Mindful Mornings is needed and why now we need you -- to create chapters that span the globe in support of do-gooders and their really tough goals. ​ Together, we can do anything.

1. Do you feel called to make the world a better place?


2. Do you have 15 hours you can dedicate each month?  


2. Do you have a knack for connecting people?


3. Are you energized by others and enjoy being in front of a crowd? 


4. Would you like a platform to share topics that are important to you, ones that will inspire & educate other do-gooders along their mission?

If you answered yes to each, you're in the right place, and we'd love to talk more. 

Chapter Locations

Don't see your town represented? Let's change that! 

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