For one hour on the first Friday of every month Mindful Mornings 
Chapter Founders across the country connect the people with the heart and souls to change the world, with the content and community they need to make it happen.

Welcome to the Richmond Chapter!

We're thrilled you're here.
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Mindful Mornings is a monthly, interactive social good speaker series on a mission to connect, inspire and teach do-gooders so they can more expeditiously and efficiently achieve their world-changing goals. These do-gooders are people from all walks of life who gather together because of similar heartsets or soulsets, not similar mindsets. All details to reserve your free seat are below.

Thanks for your interest in joining us at the next Mindful Mornings forum!

Seats are free,

but they're also limited. If you register and find that you're unable to attend, please cancel your order in Eventbrite so another do-gooder can take your place.

Speakers aren't announced.

We don't share any information regarding who will be speaking at a forum any point prior to them taking the "stage" -- and this is by design. It's important that we don't speak to our own advocates, and that we provide a space where you can live in the present moment, in trust, and free of expectation.

Our Next Forum:

Friday, May 29th
"Doors" open at 12 pm!
Journey over to our Instagram page
to stay engaged.

12:00 AM

Join the video chat! An invite will be sent to confirmed attendees (make sure to reserve your ticket!)


12:05 AM

The speaker will present and answer as many of your questions as possible.


1:15 PM

That's a wrap!


Meet our Sponsors

Meet our incredibly kind, talented, and highly intelligent sponsors.

Interested in becoming a Mindful Mornings sponsor? Email Becky.

The Do-Gooder Award Series

Each month a collective of some really wonderful businesses and humans here in Richmond recognize and celebrate one local do-gooder who's making the world a better place. Through volunteerism, philanthropy, social entrepreneurial efforts and more, these people work tirelessly because of a mission that's intrinsic; give to the world more than they take from it, and leave it better than they found it. 

All you need to do is VOTE! Who's your do-gooder nominee, and why.

Are you a local do-gooder extraordinaire, or know someone who is? Let us know!

The monthly Do-Gooder Award winner will receive: 

  1. Public recognition in front of 100+ of their closest friends at a Mindful Mornings forum

  2. Beautiful flowers from Amanda, Founder of Hummingbird Gardens

  3. A 60-minute massage form Erin, Founder of OpenSpace Massage

  4. One educational opportunity at the Chrysalis Institute - a local nonprofit with a deep focus on mindfulness and compassion


Hi! I'm your Chapter Founder, Becky! Please email me if you have any questions about attending, sponsoring, volunteering or partnering to provide food or drink at any of our forums. 

I look forward to seeing you at the next Mindful Mornings!

Meet the entire team

 Without the support of strategic and day-of volunteers who believe in the power of Mindful Mornings and the community we serve, Mindful Mornings wouldn't exist. Many of their kind faces are below,

(We love them.)

Ashley Williams
Kim Young
Becky Crump, Founder
Courtney Allison Weinstein
Melisa Ross
Christina Greulich
Ranjitha Kurup
Jen Tompkins
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