"Hearing is how we touch

at a distance."

Mindful Mornings is a monthly speaker series, which means we have the joy of giving a mic and an audience to social good storytellers across the country. Some have been so compelling that we've pulled them onto our own #dogooder speaker roster. Book one of these social good change-makers for your next gathering.

Meet, Becky Crump.

  • Mindful Mornings Founder

  • Engagement Consultant

  • Integrative Nutritionist

  • Mother of Five

  • #dogooder

Becky is a compassionate and courageous instigator of change within organizations (both formal and informal) that seek to help. She believes the collective wields priceless power when activated by impassioned stories that move us all along a continuum from inspiration, to explanation, to actions that give to the world by giving to one another.


Becky is Mindful Mornings' Founder, and the creator and lead advisor of Well Work, Mindful Mornings is an interactive monthly speaker series for do-gooders who want to create a more well world that has a growing national presence. Well Work is a communications strategy, program design, and community engagement consultancy that brings capacity, perspective, curiosity, kindness and conviction to the teams who need it the most. 

Becky is driven by the belief that we never arrive, we only iteratively evolve through an interplay between deep attention to one another and gutsy effort.

By attending to one another, finding comfort in confusion and complexity, and taking inspired action driven by more than selfish pursuits, we can disperse the fog that inhibits us from answering our greatest quetion, "What's mine to do?" 

Keynote #1

The space between words :

The extraordinary power of listening and wondering

Keynote #2

The business of compassion : Moving from curiosity, to wonderment, to engagement


Meet, Garret


  • Executive Director, VCU's da Vinci Center for Innovation

  • Educational Change Agent

  • Social Technology Entrepreneur

  • Husband and Father of Two

  • #dogooder

Garret is relentless in his pursuit of adventure, innovation, and in creating opportunity and access through entrepreneurship. Inspired by his own experience with dyslexia, Garret is an unwavering advocate for disrupting traditional models of education, and embracing innovation and entrepreneurship to build and sustain a more inclusive and positive world.

Garret is the former founder and CEO of STEM Force Technology, a company employing individuals on the autism spectrum. He is also an award winning curriculum developer, educator, and leader in both K12 and higher education. Garret finds inspiration in the collision of academic and experiential learning and believes the future of work is grounded in innovation and in creating a more positive and just world.   

Garret believes that the future of education and society is based in our innate curiosity and ability to draw inspiration from disparate disciplines, cultures, and experiences. In a world where access to information is advancing faster than our traditional delivery systems, we must look for new opportunities to facilitate dialogue, understanding, and context in the presence of infinite information.

Keynote #1

Don't do school :

How to foster creativity and imagination in the era of factory schooling

Keynote #2

Risk Taking at Work : Building gutsy teams that innovate their way to impact

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