Mindful Mornings VCU

A speaker series within the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business for those students who want to make money and do good. 

Attend the Next Mindful Mornings VCU

Wednesday, April 18th

The VCU Art Depot

10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Admission is FREE

Coffee + Pastries Provided

As human beings in business it is our responsibility to compassionately create products, technologies, systems and processes that support the collective good. But as students, too often we fear we cannot simultaneously make money and do good. We’re here to tell you that you can — and that if you want to, you will! Mindful Mornings is a speaker series for college students who are interested in working within or starting companies that serve the bottom line, and a whole lot more.

Hear from successful people who are creating businesses, programs, and philanthropic endeavors that seek to support the social good. Learn from their successes, their failures, and ask them questions.

Listen to the Podcast

From Hippie to Venture Capital

Listen Now

with Liz Doerr from New Richmond Ventures

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Listen to the Forums

Forum #1 : What do you stand for? What will you do?

Lessons in doing good in business with founders and executives,

David Gallagher, Anika Horn, Rupa Singh, and Michael Reilly. 

Forum #2 : The powerful combo of passion and skill.

Lessons in doing good in business with founders and executives,

Brian Marks, Craig Dodson, Michael Stucky. 

Forum #3 : The competitive advantage of questions over answers.

Lessons in the world-changing power of curiosity, compassion, and collaboration with founders and executives, 

Sarah Millston, Robert Bolling, Vanessa Diamond. 

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